Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Flipped Video Resources

First off, you might want to read my post on how to flip, but then, here are resources you can use with your classes.  I used to believe that teachers should create their own videos and still do if they are more suited for your students.  But having said that, there are many many resources out there that are far better than what a teacher can make.  The key to a flipped classroom is that during school hours teachers will have much more time and most of it one on one with students than they would have in a traditional setting. 

Flippers need to start by going to the Flipped Learning Network and looking at their abundance of resources.  For example, here are a number of videos in different genres.

CrashCourse was started by author John Green and his brother Hugh who have used real teachers as their scribes and have created a wide range of videos for social studies, economics and science.  Each genre has a complete set of videos which cover an entire course.  You don't necessarily need them all, but can pick and choose to find what is best for you.  They (and their friends) are constantly updating so if it isn't there, check back in a few days.  Below is one on plant cells.
 Kahn Academy is the best know place for flipping (and has teamed with CrashCourse) and has a plethora of math videos at all levels (high school and below), but has started to expand to courses such as economics and chemistry.  You can see their playlists here or go their site.  If you need more guidance ask your students as they use this course whenever they can't understand the teacher!

Here is a great site on how to flip an English class along with their videos.   Below is one they made on researching for a paper.

In a later post I will show you how you can easily make your own videos.  But for now, go to Google and/or YouTube and see if you can find completed videos for your classes.  Then start integrating them slowly into your classroom knowing that changing the culture can take time.  

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