Thursday, February 18, 2016

Facebook as a Collaborative Teaching Tool

Schools are spending a great deal of time developing collaborative learning teams and while there are many advantages to them, they have some disadvantages. Notable disadvantage number one is that the team is undoubtedly small and rarely changes its members so your teachers probably get to know each other quite well and know each other's lesson plans.  But that can't be enough.

Enter Facebook.  There are many teacher groups for Advanced Placement (not as easy to find IB pages) educators.   All you have to do is enter, say "AP Physics Teachers.  Most of the groups are closed and will only give you entry if you send them a link from your school and give them an edu membership.  What you gain is an immediate group of educators who are driven, imaginative and willing to help.  Most people freely offer lesson plans and/or quickly respond to those who want new ideas.  From my experience they are rarely a place to vent (other than when AP US was undergoing its disastrous roll out of its new test last year.  Thus you are almost certain to find helpful resources and a new network of educators you can connect with on a regular basis.  A super collaborative team if you will.  Below are a few of them.

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