Monday, August 29, 2016

How to Flip Your Classroom

One of the schools, Chantilly, is going one to one this year.  As part of that the teachers will be redoing how they teach.   One of the ways they are looking at is flipping.  So I was asked to teach some presentations on it.  You can follow everything I teach as all of my links and videos will be on this page.

 We will start by taking a survey at
  • We will be learning how to create a short flip (defined) using Screencastomatic and what images, slides, short video and information might go into it.  You can also make them using the Snagit extension here (and here is how to use it)
  • discuss that you can always use others' videos such as (history and science, math and grammar)
  • contemplate how to make sure teachers are watching the video in part using a Google Drive form or even to how to make your own YouTube playlist (2:20 in this video)
  • use Remind (resources) to literally remind them to view the video. 
  • discuss how flipping a meeting/classroom allows for one on one discussions between the class leader and the pupil.  
  • and even how to use Tinyurl to customize a link to a video
  • If you want more resources they can be found here and here
Some examples might include flipping an economics course and then give a problem set (and even flipped answers - notice some are linked to one minute videos) or how to write an essay or an introduction to the electoral college and a related assignment to predict the election results.
All of the steps above can be found in much more in depth by reading my book Deeper Learning Through Technology: Using the Cloud to Individualize Instruction.  

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