Saturday, January 9, 2016

Apply to be an AP Reader

Okay, so this isn't high tech eLearning, but you do want your teachers to be incredibly knowledgeable.  Back when I was a department chair, I was most proud of the fact that most of our AP teachers being selected as AP Readers.  When I would ask teachers to go to a reading, the first response was, "But the worst part of my week is when I have to grade AP FRQs."  But a reading does several things:

  • Trains the teacher in how to grade a free response question (FRQ) so they can train their students in how to write one effectively.
  • Trains the teacher to be able to grade more efficiently and quickly.  This is important as it will mean you can give more FRQs to your students during the school year and grade them to give back the next class period.
  • It is an incredible in-service for teachers.  Yes you get to see how to grade several FRQs, but you also learn the process of how they are created and best of all you gain a network of highly motivated teachers that you will collaborate with during the school year.
  • The College Board pays your flight, food, hotel and gives you an honorarium of about $1600.
Who gets accepted depends on the subject.  I have seen teachers be accepted in their first year of teaching the AP subject and others have to wait four to six years. The bottom line is that if you are interested, you should go here and apply.  

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  1. It's good that now teachers have the opportunity to studying and raise their qualification. You wrote that who gets accepted depends on the subject. Is dependence on the subject: technical, math or humanitarian?