Saturday, January 16, 2016

Digital Resources from the DOE Ed Tech Dept.

A couple of years ago Richard Culatta, who is the Director of Educational Technology for the US Department of Education spent the day in my classroom and then brought me to a great event with Arne Duncan that night.  He has remained an approachable resource for me since then and now has a great page on the DOE site with videos for "Personalized Professional Learning for Future Ready Leaders."  One of those videos above discusses how districts can move to a one to one environment. It is a subject that is close to my heart as I wrote a practical guide for it call "Deeper Learning Through Technology: Using the Cloud to Individualize Instruction" which teachers can use to literally slowly or quickly move to one to one.  I even include a chapter on how an entire district made the move.  Both my book and the video above discuss how to move towards making the book a resource, not the only source of learning.

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