Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Link Shorteners

I just got out of a chat with my online students and while we were in it I wanted them to be able to quickly copy and write on a document.  So since I do everything in Google Drive I shared a link with them.  But Google Drive document links are very long.  So I went to and gave it an easy name ( since it had an ad of Ellen D crying on it) and we got to work.

Another shortener is which gives you a window into which you put the link and then it comes out with a short link for you.

Now while tinyurl links will be around forever, you might want to have a shortener that you can save so you can use  It does require a login/password, but you can then go back later, find the link and use it for whatever purpose you need.

Now for fun if you have the shortened url and want the originating link you can go to Url Unshortener and it will give it to you. 

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