Sunday, January 31, 2016

Quizlet for Assessment Review

So I knew I was onto something for students with Quizlet when my son ran through his flashcards twenty times in one night.  When I asked him why he had done it so many times, he said because his teacher had set it up as a game and he wanted to be the best in the class.  Using competition to get kids to study is a great idea.

Quizlet was started eleven years ago by a high schooler who was trying to figure out how to study for a test.  Boasting one hundred million users there are many different uses for it that you can have your students do:
  • Teacher or student can create their own set of flashcards
  • Teachers can then create their own classes which require no login for the students so they can play games (many different ones)
  • You can also just search for ones for your class.  You can also be specific such as typing in the name of your unit and state exam and it will pop up.  Generally the best ones are the top returns.  Then you can just take the link and give it to your students
The video above will help you do all of the above things. 

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