Monday, January 4, 2016

Welcome to the eLearning Blog

After twenty-five years in the classroom today I am taking over my county's eLearning platform which includes 4000 students taking online courses year round.  It is an exciting prospect as department heads and our teachers are amazing and my predecessor started our online campus from scratch and built it into a force.

This blog follows my other ones (US History Teachers BlogUS Government Teachers Blog, Economics Teachers Blog and World History Teachers Blog) which are now being maintained by an amazing group of educators and I am sure will grow from their normal 60,000 monthly hits.  I will also continue to add when I have something of value.

This blog will aim to help those teaching and administrating online whether it is how to corral many teachers, find a vision, improve the learning platform, expand to new students, build a new course and so many other topics that I will be facing and embracing over the course of this new journey.   The goal is to help all those in all subjects and levels.

If you have posts you want me to add, please email me at or otherwise come back three four four times a week for each new post.  Alternatively you can also add "@kenhalla" to your Twitter feed. 

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