Thursday, January 14, 2016

Scripts for Shortcuts in Your Grading

Scripts are simple code that you can use to write a program.  For example if you go go to Alice Keeler's page on the topic you can see how to easily

  • take your student names and have it be able to email students; 
  • look at your student work and compare it to a rubric without spending lots of time going back and forth; randomly assign students to groups; 
  • create Google Drive folders for all of your students (assuming you don't use Google Classroom) 
  • and much more is on the link.  Keeler does a great job of showing, with simple images, how to implement the scripts. 
Keeler also has a great webpage and if you are serial Google Drive user like myself is an absolute must to be following on Twitter @alicekeeler

If you prefer video tutorials on scripts I was given a bunch by Claudia Pirouzan-Jones which you can find here.  One example from the link is the video above about Doctopus which tells you how to auto generate pre-made comments for student papers.

Flubaroo allows you to automatically grade multiple choice tests and fill in the blank questions which you can figure out using the video below. 

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